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amy's story...

"It's been an honour to have worked alongside so many amazing women on both our committee and our trustee board this year. In 2019, the average gender pay gap remained at 8.9% (according to the Office of National Statistics). It is vital, therefore, that we continue to have diverse voices representing the KPA at every level - on committee, in sabbatical roles, and on the trustee board - and I'm proud to be supporting the #SheShouldRun campaign as we look to elect new KPA officers for the 2020/21 year. 


Attending the quarterly trustee meetings gives you a real opportunity to help steer the direction that the KPA takes, as well as to represent the views of the student membership to our external trustees. Our external trustees really value the voice of the Student Trustee - you're there to give voice to the needs and wishes of the student members whilst also ensuring that the KPA fulfills its charitable and legal obligations. 


It's a role that gives you huge scope as you'll be asked for input on everything from the training our sabbatical team receives, to the cost of Clubhouse repairs and renovations. You'll also act as chair of the KPA's general meetings throughout the year, as well as supporting the committee in running events and activities. All of this can seem quite daunting - especially if you've never done anything similar before - but there's full trustee training provided and you'll have the experience of our fantastic coordinator Alison and the support of your sabbatical team, fellow committee members, and the external trustees, as well as the outgoing team (including me!). 


Being KPA Student Trustee has been a hugely rewarding experience. It has built my confidence, developed my written and verbal reasoning skills, and allowed me to make new friends from across the PG community. I would urge anyone considering standing for election to put yourselves forward - but I would especially urge anyone from under-represented voices and minority backgrounds to put your hat into the ring and consider standing for a position. The diversity of the KPA makes us stronger and it is vital that this continues to be represented at every level of the organisation." 

To find out more about Amy's role, please follow the link below! 

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