KPA Annual General Meeting

As part of our democratic processes as a student union and small charity, we are required to hold general meetings to encourage students to submit motions on policy that they might want us to undertake, hold our paid officers accountable and review our financial accounts.

We will be holding our next Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 20th of May at 5 pm via MS Teams. 

Do you have an idea for something that you might like your KPA elected officers to work on? This could be anything from enhancing the postgraduate community at Keele or fighting for something that you are passionate about.

Make sure you check out the motions submissions template below so that you have an idea of just how to do it! Please do not submit any motions without reading the template first. 

As part of the process of holding an AGM, we ask that our members review our financial accounts for the year and to confirm whether or not they are true record. This is so that we can submit our accounts to the charity commission. You can find the accounts on our website here with a form asking you to confirm whether or not you think they are a true record.

Submitting a motion

Approval of

financial accounts