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Updated: May 13, 2020

e KPA will be holding its virtual AGM on Thursday 28th May 2020 at 5pm via MS Teams.

If you have any Motions you would like to submit, complete the Motions form, which will be circulated today via your email accounts and submit it to the KPA Association Secretary at by Wednesday 20th May at the latest.

⬆️⬆️ If you have any queries about submitting a Motion, please contact the KPA Association Secretary at the email address above.⬆️⬆️

It's that time of year when the KPA has to submit its Annual Report and accounts to the Charity Commission. We usually circulate these to our members just before our AGM and ask you to approve them.

This year, due to the impossibility of holding our AGM face-to-face, we are asking you to approve the accounts by voting on them in advance of the meeting, which will be a virtual AGM on 28th May at 5 pm.

The accounts cover the period 1st August 2018 to 31st July 2019.  All charities with an annual income above £25,000 are required to have either an independent examination of accounts or an audit. Our accounts have been examined by an independent firm of accountants, Slaters & Co. 

They show that we had an income of £476,264 in that year and expenditure of £479,643, resulting in an overall loss for the year of £3,379. Our funds carried forward stood at £74,989 on 31st July 2019.

You can read the Accounts and Annual Report in full here:

KPA Accounts 2018-19 FINAL VERSION
Download PDF • 386KB

Please help us by indicating whether or not you approve the accounts. We need to show that we have made them available to our members and that they have had the opportunity to approve them before the AGM. You can access the nomination form here:

If you have any questions relating to the accounts, you may raise them at the virtual AGM on 28th May. Further details to follow.

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