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Dear Postgraduates,

Formal guidelines from the University have been released today, surrounding extensions and support for students in light of COVID-19.

The statement can be accessed via your student or staff email accounts.

"Dear Postgraduate Research Students,

I hope that you have found time to have a short break over the last few weeks and that you have discussed with your supervisors the changes you can make to your work plans to accommodate the disruption of the pandemic, and to ensure that you continue to engage with your research during this period.

The University has been working to identify the best way to support you during this period. Due to the complex funding arrangements and diverse research commitments, it is clear that a ‘one size fits all approach’ is not possible or equitable to all students. The policy on extensions and LOAs is available on the PGR Covid-19 webpages.

Please make sure that you discuss any and all options with your supervisor to understand what the implications any of these changes may have on you, your research, and any funding arrangements.

Any student facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic is entitled to apply for support through the Hardship Fund. Information on how to apply to the fund can be found here:

If you feel that you need further support or guidance, please remember that the Keele Doctoral Academy (KDA) can provide bespoke support to Postgraduate Research students, in addition to the support provided by your supervisor.

With kind regards,

Professor Trevor McMillan


Professor David Amigoni

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise"

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