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Presidential Monthly Report (July)

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Keele Postgraduate Association

Presidential Monthly Report (July)

By Abdelrhman Rayis, KPA President

KPA New President Introduction!

Hi All 😊 I'm Abdelrhman Rayis, your international second-year computer science Ph.D. student from Sudan, I completed my undergrad at Sudan university of science and technology in 2017 and after 4 years working in the technology sector in Sudan I started my postgraduate studies at Keele University, And as an international student, I have been extremely fortunate for all of the assistance and encouragement I have received from the KPA community members, therefore I'm devoted to keeping the KPA's reputation as a leader and President of the KPA to continue its mission of assisting Keele postgraduate students in their journey to success.

What I aim to do in my term as KPA President:

Investing in increasing the KPA body's network of career services and employment counselors to improve the PG student's training experience and career development.

  • To bring ideas to life, and improve PG involvement between PG students and the KPA body.

  • I'm going to start a campaign to boost financial aid for PGR students.

  • I will work closely with KPA members to ensure that their opinions and concerns are heard and addressed by other Keele departments.

KPA July Summery :


First, I’m grateful to Atieme, Sarah, Beth, and Alison and all my dear friends at the KPA and university staff members who continue to assist me from the first day of my handover period. I had the pleasure to attend Postgraduate Celebration Evening 2022 which was organized by Our amazing association secretary Beth and Sarah our previous president whom we all going to miss so thank you to all of our previous committee members for the great effort and work you all were making in the last year also thanks to Jules our Clubhouse Manger and all of the KPA staff for the service and catering for the lovely events and I hope me and our newly elected officers Rachana, Ola and Beth to continue on our mission of making a difference for all of our postgrads here at Keele.

You can check the event here:

For more information about the Bob Beattie Postgraduate Recognition Awards winners please visit this link:

I had great start in July that was full of induction meetings to introduce the KPA to other departments in Keele and how we can all work together to provide summery of the meeting and events the I was on are:

• Council meetings.

• SAB’s induction meetings.

• Trustee Meetings.

• Represented the Students in Graduation Ceremony with our new VP Rachana

• Gala Dinner.

• KPA Bursary Committee Meeting and Awards!

• Working with the KDA for the summer school language exchange program.

• Meeting face to face with all committee members.

Plans for August:

· The KPA will be helping and participating in KDA Summer School and will hold a number of sessions and events that will be announced soon.

· We will be creating a number of resource groups for our postgraduate students so they can share their problems and concerns in a safe place and understand more about the issues and challenges they face.

· We are setting a big priority for updating the constitution which will be representing our members in the best way possible, that is why will be recruiting and focusing more on the constitution updates plans in august.

Ongoing Association events:

Monday Productive Postgrads Sessions:

The day will be divided into a number of 45-minute work sessions with breaks for goal-setting and socializing in between. Whether it includes writing, reading, planning, transcribing, or any other academic activity, you are welcome to attend and work on whatever project you want.

Thursday Postgraduate Coffee Morning:

Every Thursday we have a face-to-face coffee morning to meet the KPA community and have more understanding about their concerns and new ideas that can contribute to Keele.

Finally, I believe that this is a great opportunity for me to continue in my mission of creating a legacy that advances science and technology to enhance people's lives in both form and content. As well, as to thrive with my team alongside community goals in assisting their members to achieve academic and professional success by providing all the comforts for a healthy community, both mentally and physically in all of our platforms that serve our postgraduate students. I shall be available from my office and through all KPA channels to assist in improving my postgraduate experience.

Best wishes,

Abdelrhman Rayis

President of the KPA

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