The KPA hosts an EGM TONIGHT!


The KPA will be hosting an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting TONIGHT!)

- Starting at 5.30pm in Walter Moberly 0.01 (WM0.01) -

To be clear, this meeting is being called to cast a vote on the KPA's support for students during strike action.Attached is the motion proposed by our KPA trustee board.

⭐️ IMPORTANT - for this motion to be passed, we must reach quorum. Quoracy means the amount of people who are entitled to vote (postgraduate students ONLY) NEEDED to pass a motion. In the KPAs case, this is 1% of our membership. That means we will require at least 35 postgraduate members of the KPA to vote on this motion. If we do not have 35 postgraduate members in attendance to vote on this motion, we will be unable to pass it. ⭐️

The motion proposal is as follows...

It is proposed that:

1. The KPA offers solidarity to all postgraduate students, whether teaching

or non-teaching, who are impacted by the ongoing strike action.

2. The KPA will offer support to all postgraduate students impacted by the

strike action by:

a. Continuing to provide weekly activities that provide safe spaces for

postgraduates to meet and socialise

b. Signposting postgraduate students adversely affected by the strike action to relevant support services within both the UCU and Keele University (e.g. UCU strike fund, ASK, Student Support Services etc.)

c. Provide space for teach in/out sessions to be held that support

postgraduate student learning and development

d. Provide space and information to enable workshops for postgraduate students wishing to engage in direct dialogue with the UCU and UUK (e.g. letter-writing workshops)

e. Work with University Student Support to provide mental health support and a programme of mental health and wellbeing activities for any postgraduate students impacted by the strike action

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