The School of Law Gender, Sexuality and Law Research Cluster

The School of Law Gender, Sexuality and Law Research Cluster has organised an exciting new reading group called: Read and Resist! 

They will be launching their reading group with their first session 'Law, Feminism, and the Regulation of Identity' in support of LGBT+ history month. This session takes place on 19th February 2020 from 3-5pm in CBC2.001.

The following is a list of sessions:

GSL Research Cluster - Reading Group: Read and Resist!

Welcome to the Gender, Sexuality and the Law Research Cluster Reading Group, Read and Resist! Set up in January 2020 by the Research Cluster, this readi

ng group is open to all Keele staff and students interested in developing their knowledge, reading, and discussion of selected texts.

Our sessions will be held monthly until each vacation period. The research cluster will set a broad theme for each semester. The theme for Semester 2 2020 is:

Vulnerability and Feminist Jurisprudence.

2020 Reading Groups

Session 1: Law, Feminism and The Regulation of Identity (19th February 2020 3-5pm, The Boardroom)

This launch session will support the Keele LGBT Staff Network’s events for LGBT History Month.

Feminism for the 99% (pages 33-40)

Are some feminists asking the wrong question about who counts as a “lesbian”?

Why Context Matters in the Trans Prisoner Debates

‘If the state decertified gender, what might happen to its meaning and value?’

Session 2: Revisiting Feminist Legal Strategies: A Transformative Approach? (11th March 2020, 3-5pm, The Boardroom)

From east to west, can feminist legal strategies be transformative? Post-disaster to everyday times of crisis

Subversive Sites 20 years later: Rethinking Feminist Engagements with Law

From the International to the Local in Feminist Legal Responses to Rape, Prostitution/Sex Work, and Sex Trafficking: Four Studies in Contemporary Governance Feminism

The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House

Session 3: Feminist Re-imaginings: Vulnerability, Feminism and Judgment Writing (8th April 2020 3-5pm, The Boardroom)

The Scottish Feminist Judgments Project: A New Frontier

Evans v Amicus Healthcare Ltd, Feminist Judgments: From Theory to Practice

Commentary: Sally Sheldon Judgment: Sonia Harris-Short

Teaching with Feminist Judgments: A Global Conversation

Session 4: #MeToo, Vulnerability and Carceral Feminism (6th May 2020, 3-5pm, The Boardroom)

#MeToo must avoid “carceral feminism”

What is Carceral Feminism? OR Carceral feminisms: the abolitionist project and undoing dominant feminisms

How Can We Reconcile Prison Abolition with #MeToo?

From carceral feminism to transformative justice: Women-of-color feminism and alternatives to incarceration

Session 5: Feminism, Law and Emotion (10th June 2020 3-5pm, The Boardroom)

Vulnerability and Inevitable Inequality

Faces of Judicial Anger: Answering the Call

Forgiveness, Law and Justice