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sharon's story...

Hi, my name is Sharon Yang.  I am your current secretary of the KPA. During this year, what I enjoyed the most is having the opportunity to interact with others in my role. One of the women that works at the KPA, Alison, has been really kind and supportive for me. She is dedicated to her job and has a clear vision for the KPA, which has really inspired me. Our President, who is also female, is very determined and sees things with clarity and perspective. Our committee currently, are mainly female and I am very luck to work with such a strong and driven team. This role sits perfectly alongside my PhD and has given me the opportunity to balance my time. I have been able to attend several training sessions  and regularly attend various committee meetings, which has made me become more of an efficient person. Now, I have a better understanding about the local culture and structure of KPA. Most important of all, the position has given me a lot of confidence! When I first found out that I was required to attend hustings, I was very anxious and was scared to talk in public as English is not my first language. I have now overcome this and am able to communicate with others without being nervous! 


Are you thinking about:


  • having more friends to share your happiness and reduce your loneliness, sometimes in your studying?


  • Do you want to know more about the structure of KPA and train yourself as an Executive within the KPA structure?


  • And do you also want to challenge yourself, especially if English is your second language? 


Do you want to join us?


If your answer is yes, then you are encouraged to run for this role! You will achieve not only the above mentioned benefits, but also get many chances such as:


  • To learn the basic skills in relation to secretarial work such as time management and editing the website. 

  • Several trainings will be provided such as being a good manager, improving on team-work and cooperation.

  • Have the opportunity to plan events with others.

  • The opportunity to act as the Chief Returning Officer during the period of election.


If you are interested in this role, and looking for more information, please do not hesitate to contact me & Your current secretary:

To find out more about Sharon's role, please follow the link below! 

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