The Role of the Activities Officer

Official Role: 

Voluntary Role, commencing on 1st July 2020 and ending on 30th June 2021. 

The Activities Officer is responsible for the planning and execution of events designed to help support and improve the experience of postgraduates.


They are responsible for drawing up events designed to provide a range of activities for postgraduate students from a wide range of backgrounds and should work closely with all the other Officers to ensure that this happens.


The Officer may be required to work with KeeleSU in order to ensure that the wide variety of backgrounds and tastes found among the postgraduate community are catered for.


The Activities Officer will also, from time to time, have the opportunity to attend and contribute to University committees and task and finish/working groups associated with events and activities across the University.


A budget will be dedicated to this role to assist the Officer in achieving their manifesto pledges. The amount will be agreed after the election process has concluded. The Activities Officer is NOT a trustee of the KPA. 


A Day in the Life of the KPA Activities Officer...

This role is a part-time volunteer role so you aren't the person who has to do EVERY activity, but instead you get to take a lead into thinking about activities more holistically and plan activities as part of the team. I have used my time in the role to ensure everything is far more accessible than in previous years, making sure activities are subsidised so that postgraduates have never had to pay more than £10 for an activity and more often it is less than that. I have helped bring in a second regular weekly activity with postgraduates that lunch which aimed to have something with a different feel to coffee morning which has been one of our most popular regular events. The role also means that your email inbox is the first port of call for emails from different people in the university, and so over the summer I negotiated for trips to Manchester, Oxford and Liverpool that were run by Keele to be free for Postgraduate attendees. A seemingly simple thing that I have also helped with this year is to make sure that when we have trips, people are welcome to bring partners or children with them so that we acknowledge that postgraduates are not in isolation to the family that they support too. Finally, something I take seriously in my role is making sure we balance the awesome things that are available in the clubhouse (which our wonderful Jules and her team organise) with things outside of the clubhouse, either on different parts of campus or in the local community. Other parts of the role involve being in the regular committee meetings so you can work as a team to create a better postgraduate experience for everyone. The realistic time commitments mean that you spend around 2 hours a week talking to other committee members, a few hours checking your emails in the week and then time attending events usually on a rota system with the rest of the committee.




Sophia Hayat Taha

Current Activities Officer Keele Postgraduate Association