The Role of the International Officer

Official Role: 

Voluntary Role, commencing on 1st July 2020 and ending on 30th June 2021. 

The International Officer’s role is to ensure that all the Association’s activities take in to account and represent international students as a priority.


The Officer will actively engage with the University’s internationalisation strategies, helping to direct the strategy to ensure that postgraduate International students are fairly represented, that their needs are catered for and that they find the postgraduate community is accessible to them.


They should work to promote cultural understanding within the community and help international students with the transition to life at Keele, particularly during arrival periods. The International Officer is expected to run at least one campaign focused around internationalism and cultural understanding over the course of the year.


The International Officer will also from time to time have the opportunity to attend and contribute to University committees and working groups associated with the role.


A budget will be dedicated to this role to assist the Officer in achieving their manifesto pledges and to run the one campaign they are required to do. The amount of this budget will be agreed after the election process has concluded.


The International Officer is NOT a trustee of the KPA. 

A Day in the Life of the International Officer...

"This place is wonderful for anyone who wants to be part of team working towards welfare of postgrad community.


This position allows the candidate to be involved in various activities of the KPA throughout the year as well as to come up with their own events and campaigns.


One of the best parts of working as an international officer is the social aspect of the events, as there always something going on, there is always chance to socialize and meet new people whilst making a contribution towards postgrad community.


Last but not the least, getting a chance to help international students with big or small concerns directly, due to the resources and support that comes with the position."









Archit Tamboli 

Current International Officer Keele Postgraduate Association