The Role of the Student Trustee

Official Role: 

Voluntary Role, commencing on 1st July 2020 and ending on 30th June 2021. 

The student trustee is an elected student member of the KPA Trustee Board. Their responsibilities include ensuring that the Association is acting in the best interests of its members.


The Student Trustee is responsible for ensuring good governance and the financial stability of the organisation, as well as contributing towards the overall strategy.


The trustees hold senior staff to account and set the staffing and financial policies of the union.


They are also responsible for Chairing KPA General Meetings, alongside the Association Secretary.

Being a Charity Trustee...

As a charity trustee, your duties are to follow these six different guidelines: 

1. Ensure your charity is carrying out it's purposes for the public benefit. 

2. Comply with your charity's governing document and the law. 

3. Act in your charity's best interest. 

4. Ensure your charity is accountable. 

5. Manage your charity's resources responsibly. 

6. Act with reasonable care and skill. 

For more detailed guidance on what it takes to be a charity trustee, click the below button: 

A Day in the Life of the Student Trustee...

"The Student Trustee isn't always the most visible role in the KPA but it is a really important one - and a very rewarding one too! Over the course of the year I've represented the KPA membership on the board of trustees, represented the KPA at PG induction events, chaired both an OGM and an EGM, worked to introduce a Student Trustee's Report to Members, and worked alongside the committee to bring members a varied and exciting programme of events. I've met so many more postgraduates as a result of my involvement with the KPA and am coming out of the year feeling like a real part of Keele's PG community. 


When I first started in the role, I was nervous about the responsibilities that come with being a trustee of a registered charity - and about having to chair our general meetings. Full training is provided however so don't panic! Our external trustees are also really friendly and Alison, our co-ordinator has years of experience in the sector and has always been on hand to answer any questions. 


Attending the quarterly trustee meetings gives you a real opportunity to help steer the direction that the KPA takes, as well as to represent the views of the student membership to our external trustees. The range of topics discussed in trustee meetings is very varied and will give you a real insight into how an organisation such as the KPA is run - you might be discussing options for a fridge replacement in the KPA Clubhouse one moment before moving on to consider how best to support our officer team through ongoing training, or discussing how to increase applications to the KPA Bursary.  


My experience has certainly been that the Student Trustee's voice is very much valued on both the trustee board and in the committee room - so if you want a role that will give you the opportunity to provide input into how the KPA is governed both now and in the future, and to work with your committee to enhance Keele's PG student experience on a day to day basis, then Student Trustee could be the role for you!"









Amy Blaney

Current Student Trustee Keele Postgraduate Association