The Role of the Vice President

Official Role: 

£18,410 p.a. 

This is a full-time, paid sabbatical position, with paid handover commencing on 1st June 2020. The Officer will take over formal responsibility for the role on 1st July 2020, with the role ending on 30th June 2021. 

The Vice-President will support and assist the President of the Association in the day to day running of the KPA. This includes: directing officer activities, acting as a public spokesperson of the KPA and representing postgraduate students at all levels of the University.


The Vice-President role is largely similar to that of the President (with the exception of holding a voting seat at Council), this means that the Vice-President shall be jointly responsible (with the President) for the implementation of policies and budgets as approved by the Board of Trustees. However, as the Vice-President is not the CEO of the charity, it is expected that they will do much more work in representing students across the University.


The Vice-President will also act as the head of the Association when the President is unable to, for any given reason. The Vice-President also acts as Deputy Returning Officer during elections. The Vice-President is a Trustee of the KPA. 




If you want to know more, or are interested in running for this position, it is recommended that you get in touch with a member of the current committee to discuss this role.

Being a Charity Trustee...

As a charity trustee, your duties are to follow these six different guidelines: 

1. Ensure your charity is carrying out it's purposes for the public benefit. 

2. Comply with your charity's governing document and the law. 

3. Act in your charity's best interest. 

4. Ensure your charity is accountable. 

5. Manage your charity's resources responsibly. 

6. Act with reasonable care and skill. 

For more detailed guidance on what it takes to be a charity trustee, click the below button: 

A Day in the Life of the KPA Vice President...

“My name is Currie and I have been your elected Vice President since July 2019. We wanted to give you some up to date information on what to expect from a role in an elected officer position at the KPA.

Social Interaction.


While the president performed more governance and management responsibilities at the KPA, the VP acts more often than not as the face of the association. Thus as VP, I learnt more interpersonal relations. This is because it was part of my role to constantly communicate with postgraduate students.  During weekly events, I went out of my way to enquire of the wellbeing of students and possibly know if there were any challenges they were facing.


Knock on the door.


My one priority standing for KPA VP was to reduce isolation especially among international postgraduates. Based on my experience as a student, isolation negatively affected my academic performance in my first semester of postgraduate study. Things started to change after I started coming out to meet new local students who helped me understand what was required of me as a postgraduate student in the UK. This was so because the personal tutor system was not working for as is not working for many internationals, therefore one of the few resolutions is peer one to one support which I testify of. However, many internationals will go out only when they have someone to go with. I offered myself as that someone for many to sit, talk and make other friends. 


Postgraduate Representation.


During my time as KPA VP, I had the privilege of representing postgraduates on all academic committees. I had constant meetings with PVC Student experience and PVC Research to channel the grievances I get from students to senior management. 


I attended weekly, monthly and bi-monthly meetings on Education Leadership Group, Education Committee, Faculty Education Committee, Student Experience Group, Education Policy Sub Committees etc to offer the student standpoint in high level decision making for the University. Also, I was a member of the University’s Senate, which is the second highest governing body of the University. As KPA VP, these are some of the committees/boards you will sit on and required to give contributions from the student standpoint when elected.


Aside from these, I also participated in a number of Disciplinary Committee and Standing Validation (for faculties, where the group accepts or rejects module proposals) sessions during my time.


KPA Committee and Trustee.


The KPA trustees board is the governing body of the KPA. As KPA VP, I was one of four student trustees for the KPA where some major decisions from members of the KPA were either agreed or signed off. 


There were a number of things I hoped to achieve in my time which I was not able to achieve. One being to completely eradicate isolation among postgraduate students. I started the knock on the door campaign which was successful. It however could not eradicate isolation even though it reduced isolation to an extent. In the course of performing my role, I wanted to change the structure of personal tutoring, which I hope will yield productive results even after my time as KPA VP.


I also reported how the consistent rise of tuition fees for postgraduate students and internationals is affecting the mental health of many students as many students are not coming out as they did.


As part of a committee of eight, I helped in coming up, planning and organising all events held by the KPA."










Currie Agyeman

Current Vice President Keele Postgraduate Association