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About us: About Us
So...what exactly is the KPA?

The KPA is Keele's postgraduate specialist students' union. The only separate union in the country to take care of the PG specific issues. Our primary charitable objective is to provide support for postgraduates, which guides all of our activity; from lobbying and working together with the Keele University, working in collaboration with Keele SU and helping to build and develop Keele's postgraduate community. See below for an overview of the KPA's streams of activity. 


We sit at varying levels of the University and voices student concerns on all things that impact the nature of teaching and learning at Keele. If you have an education query or concern, click below to conact


We consults for Keele University as experts on students and makes every effort to inform relevant parties of the complex challenges that face postgraduates specifically but also challenges facing all students.


We take an active role in building and helping to shape the postgraduate community at Keele. We achieve this through a wide variety of activities at our clubhouse, through our elected committee and by supporting postgraduates to organise their own events


We operate at both the local and national level of student politics, ensuring that student voices are heard no matter the issue. The committee itself is democratically elected. Do you want to know more about how you could become an elected officer? Click below to do just that.

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