Meet your KPA Officers

Here are your 20/21 student officers. Your Officers attend university meetings on behalf of the Postgraduate community and meet frequently with university staff to improve the university experience. As well as leading on student activities to foster a PG community.

Full Time Officers

These officers work a full 39 hour week representing you and your academic needs. They are also trustees of the organisation.


Katie Charlton

KPA President


Parker Robinson

KPA Vice President

Part- Time Officers

This officer works part-time representing you and your academic needs, and communicating with our members. They are also trustees of the organisation.


KPA Association Secretary

Volunteer Officers


These officers work on a volunteer basis to represent and create activities for our students to take part in

Dzifa Blagogee

Equality and Diversity Officer.

Bettina Keleman

International Officer.


Activites Officer

Student Trustee and Permanent Staff


The student to the left sits as an elected student trustee, overseeing the financial and strategic aim of the KPA.

The Staff member to the right support the KPA in day to day operations and supporting Officers.

Sophia Taha

Student Trustee


Alison Tansey

KPA Co-ordinator