KPA Elections Cycle (March/April) 

The KPA elections are coming up fast! This time around, we are holding elections to fill every position on the committee and sabbatical officers too! Take a look below to check out our key dates for the election cycle: 

Nominations Open: Monday 23rd of March 2020 at 9am.


This is the opportunity to register your interest in standing for an elected position at the KPA! Once nominations open, postgraduate students can nominate themselves for the positions listed above in writing by email, from a Keele email account, to the Chief Returning Officer ( by the date specified in the election timetable. Candidates must include their name, student number, and the position they wish to run for. No other signatures are required for a student to be nominated for a position; however, a candidate must be a full member of the Keele Postgraduate Association at the close of voting to be eligible to run in these elections. Nominations cannot be submitted on behalf of third parties/other students. Where a “Nominate A Mate / Recommend a Friend” campaign is in operation, a student nominated by a friend will be invited by the KPA to stand for election but will still be required to nominate themselves for a specific position.

Nominations Close: 2nd of April at 5pm.

Once nominations have closed, we will then begin the process of briefing and engaging our candidates:


Candidate Briefing: 3rd of April at 6pm.

This is a space for our candidates to pose any questions they might have about the election process. They will be given a short presentation by our deputy chief returning officer, who will be able to provide thorough information on what sort of election materials need to be created by our candidates. The candidates will also be briefed on the hustings process and what the next steps are in campaigning for their roles. Please note: in light of COVID- 19, this will now be an online presentation. You will be given further information by our deputy chief returning officer prior to this event. 

Deadline for Submission of Election Materials: 14th of April at 12pm.

 On the 15th of April at 12pm campaigning begins. Please note: campaigning will now take place online in light of COVID- 19. This means that no printed material will be made available to candidates.

Hustings: 22nd of April at 5pm.

Voting Closes: 24th of April at 5pm. 

This is the chance for our candidates to show their priorities for the year if they are to be elected. They will be asked questions by our postgraduate membership about their manifesto and plans for the year ahead. It is a perfect opportunity for our membership to get to know their prospective candidates. Please note: this event will take place ONLINE in light of COVID- 19. We will provide you with further details prior to the online event. 



Results will then be announced ONLINE and via our social media channels on the 24th of April at 7pm.  

What roles can I run for? 

The roles we have available are: 3 x paid elected positions (President and Vice President full time - Association Secretary part time.)

4 x voluntary unpaid positions (E&D officer, Activities officer, International officer and Student Trustee! 

Click on the below buttons to find out more about each role!