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KPA stands with KPA members: During the Present Crisis

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Dear Postgrads,

as you all know you are at the heart of all our actions. Our charitable aims as an organisation are towards your welfare and supporting you in your studies, and we want to communicate the following: 

  • We share your worry and pain regarding the escalating situation in the Middle East. We are deeply concerned about the impact of these events on our PG community. Many students and staff within the Keele community are personally affected and are suffering, in grief, and in fear of what might happen next. We acknowledge that the conflict in the Middle East is a sensitive issue. As Postgraduate representatives, our first and foremost aim is to protect your safety, freedom of speech, and mental and physical health. We want to extend our solidarity, compassion, and assistance to all our students who may be directly or indirectly affected by this situation.


  • Wellbeing and Safety: We the KPA, as a student union, are committed to supporting the well-being and safety of our diverse and vibrant student community. There are links and support services details provided at the end of this document. We encourage students who are experiencing emotional distress or seeking support to utilise the resources available within our university. Our counselling services, academic advisors, and student support networks are open and ready to assist those in need. We will make sure to keep calling on the University to provide what is needed to support your needs in these difficult times.

  • Inclusivity, Respect and Tolerance: KPA upholds the principle of inclusivity, tolerance, and respect for diverse backgrounds and opinions. This conflict can cause distress and anxiety, and we want to ensure that you have the necessary support and resources to navigate these challenging times, at our University. It is our duty to provide a safe and supportive environment for all our members, irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity, or beliefs, where they feel valued, respected, and supported. 


  • Promoting Understanding through Open Dialogue: We ask everyone within our diverse and inclusive KPA community to continue to come together to support each other, with compassion, understanding and empathy for others’ pain. We also urge our members to engage in respectful discussions, debates, and educational events that promote understanding and awareness of complex global issues, fostering a safe space for students to express their concerns, share their experiences, and engage in constructive conversations. We believe educational and informed discussions play a crucial role in building bridges and fostering empathy and solidarity. 


  • Lastly, we extend our thoughts and support to all those affected by the conflict and encourage our community to demonstrate empathy and compassion towards one another during this challenging time. 


We want every student to know that you are not alone, and together, we can navigate these difficult times as a resilient and supportive community. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters unity, understanding, and support for all our members. 

Please remember, we are here to support you and to ensure that everyone feels safe, heard, and valued within our University community.


Please do not hesitate to share any concerns with us at or and we will connect you with the right services at the University. 


Many teams across the university have been working hard to support those affected in our community to ensure their safety, engaging through our Student Societies and staff networks to try to identify and help those impacted, and we are going to run drop-in support sessions for our students to listen to them without judging their views and provide them a safe platform to talk about it all, to release their stress.


Details of further support at Keele are here: 


Responding to and reporting incidents of racism, antisemitism or islamophobia  


We want to remind everyone that racism, islamophobia, antisemitism, abuse, incitement, harassment, or any kind of prejudice is never tolerated at Keele, and KPA will raise issues with the University through the right channels if any such action come to our knowledge.  


Please do not hesitate to report any kind of discrimination against yourself or fellow students. Or follow the following pages to seek direct support from the University services: 

Support for students: Welfare and wellbeing  


Our dedicated counselling and mental health services are available to provide emotional support, coping strategies, and a safe space for you to express your concerns. Students can contact our student services team and they are ready to assist you ASAP, with the right support needed as per the circumstances. 

  • We also have a Student Assistance Programme with a 24-hour helpline that students can access, they are offering dedicated support at the moment.

  • Please call Health Assured 24/7 at 08000283766 or follow the page

  • For Counselling and Wellbeing please follow here

  • External Support Services link here

  • Self-help Srevices Apps here

  • Special Support for International Students here

  • Other Services by the University at Keele


Travel Guidance 


The Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has updated its guidance on travel to the region. Other nationalities should check their own government’s advice before considering any travel. You must also speak to your supervisor and complete a risk assessment before traveling.   


If you are travelling as part of your studies, or on any other University business, you should familiarise yourself with the Student Travel Insurance webpages, and ensure you have appropriate insurance for the whole of your journey and associated activities, before you travel.


Diversity of perspectives 


Keele and the KPA recognise the diversity of perspectives in our large, global University community. We at the KPA support the freedom to discuss on the issue within our student events. If needed we can initiate separate discussion hours or drop-in sessions dedicated to the same, every week, dependent on student demand. 


The KPA is working closely with the University and other teams to facilitate a diversity of student activities on campus in line with our principles of academic freedom and freedom of speech and will continue to do so.   


We stand together, united in support of our diverse community. 




Rachana Dhaka,

KPA President on behalf of KPA Committee and Trustees Team

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