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Presidential Report (October-November)!

Updated: Nov 28

Dear Postgrads,

This document serves to highlight the activities, events, and engagements of the KPA and its Officers since October 1st. Myself, Michel, Aayush, and Shargava, along with our brilliant KPA Clubhouse staff, are looking forward to lots of exciting events over the course of the year, tailored just for postgraduates like you.


I want to wish you good luck for your start of new sessions, and for everything you do in the future!


Since the beginning of October, we have finished the following tasks:


·       Data Sharing Agreement between the University and the KPA

·       Support to the students whose course was changed because the original courses, they had applied for was shut down

·       Discussion with the Clubhouse Managers to discuss the Accounts report

·       More inductions this month for some schools

·       Finalised the KPA mail list updation, so that you all get the updates from your KPA and benefit with our services

·       University student voice committee report was submitted and our actions/efforts were later discussed with them

·       Updated the KPA website: please feel free to have a look at your vibrant webpage and let us know if you want to get it improved with any other relevant information. (for this or any other suggestions, you can directly email me at

What more…


·       Received the email details for the PG reps and communication started

·       Election handbook updated and bye-elections announced

·       Student timetable schedule issue was raised and resolved, for the concerned schools

·       Clubhouse has become more sustainable as we are reusing stuff for decoration and not wasting food

·       Participation in the Diversity Festival broadened our network with different schools and societies

·       Supported students with the help of the writ direction and careers team and received PG focused support material developed by them which you may find here

·       Referred some students to the mental health services as they were hesitating to share their issues with the expert team

·       Separate meetings with eight postgrads, for their specific issues and signposted them to the right services in the university

·       Presented the Welcome Week evaluation report, it was successful with high volume of participats in most of the activities and rest was the learning, which we will improve in future

·       Represented PGs in the BAME network group, Equality, Diversity and inclusion Group, Senate, Council, Meeting with VC and PVC Education

·       Appointment of the New Manager and Dy Manager for your vibrant KPA Clubhouse

·       Participated in the Black History Month activities and organised a trip to the Hanley museum for our Postgrads to be part of the events by the original communities so that better and direct learning can be there



Ongoing Activities... 

We have continued to run our ‘study sessions’ on Mondays, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., which have been a resounding success. These are fantastic opportunities to study, combat isolation, and have a free coffee, and some lunch at 50% off! It is also an opportunity to get to know fellow postgrads and members of the committee. Additionally, Thursday’s ‘Coffee Mornings’ from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. has been replaced with full-day 11 am - 4 pm ‘writing retreats’, for better support to their studies with complimentary half-priced food. This is an interesting opportunity for our members to come and meet fellow students, and discuss different issues whilst enjoying free hot drinks and then continue their studies on a sincere note.


Remember, we are here to help you - we regularly support students' cases making use of our university contacts to ensure cases are handled swiftly. This way our students are stress-free and able to focus on their studies.


A huge thank you to all attending and engaging postgraduate students at our events. We are excited to welcome so many new faces to our postgraduate community, and hope that you will join us in different events so we can have fun together!


KPA Bye-Elections… 


The elections for the post of two volunteer officers are on, nominations open till 20th November 5 pm for KPA International Officer and Equality and Diversity Officer


Key dates are as follows:

13th November- Nominations Open

20th November- Nominations close

21st November- Candidate Briefing

28th November- Deadline for Submission of Election Campaigning Material

29th November- Approval of campaigning material and Campaigning Begins

6th December- Hustings

11th December- Voting Open

13th December- Voting Closes, Campaigning Ends – 5 pm and Results Announced- 7 pm


In October and November so far the following events have been highlights, which we have organised with support of our brilliant Clubhouse team:

·       Bollywood Night and Diwali Dinner

·       Bowling trip

·       KPA Talks

·       Black History Month Hanley Trip for PGs

·       Golf playing event for PGs

·       Cinema Trip for PGs

·       Halloween Craft Night for PGs and their kids

·       Asian Fusion Kitchen takeover

·       Live Music Nights every Friday

·       Black History Month Quiz Night

·       Every Sunday Open Mike Nights

·       Quiz Night every Tuesday



Our Vice President, Michel is busy with Education Committee meetings and other faculty-level meetings, representing our PG community interests there, along with supporting me to the day-to-day management of KPA and supporting to organise events along with our Activities Officer, Shargava.


The Association Secretary, Aayush is taking care of our comms, and keeping our members updated on various social media and other platforms, with the support of the clubhouse team leaders.


We are currently in the process of finalizing our Governance documents for the smooth running of the KPA so that you, as our prestigious members, can have the best student life experience while pursuing your PG study at the Keele University.


So, finally, I would just say that watch this space for exciting activities and events that will be coming your way!


What next… 

Following are the events waiting for you all:




To help us leave a dynamic KPA for the incoming class of students, we have launched an intriguing feedback survey. Please participate and add your voice.


The Google Form link is here: because your feedback matters


We want to hear your suggestions…including any events and activities you would like to see. Here at the KPA, we endeavor to hold as many postgraduate student-inspired events and trips as possible! If you have any suggestions or ideas, please get in touch at or, or we would be happy to help!


Best wishes,

Rachana Dhaka

KPA President

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