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What our Former President has to Say!!

As I reflect on significant moments in my life and recall the pivotal decisions made since my arrival in the UK as an international student from Sudan, one shines brightly – the decision to run in the KPA elections. We were a new PGR group of students navigating through the challenges of the COVID pandemic. The unwavering support from the community during that time ignited a fire within me to contribute and play a defining role in enriching the student experience at Keele.

During my term as president at KPA, I believe my team and I made a great positive impact on the student postgraduate experience. I have acquired valuable communication and critical thinking skills as we faced many challenges. Each challenge became an opportunity for growth, both personally and professionally. The networking and understanding I gained of the HE education landscape have greatly benefited my mindset, career, and PhD research. I consistently advocate for my fellow students to run for election, for it is within these experiences that life's greatest opportunities await!

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