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On this World Mental Health Day KPA wishes you a very healthy mind and life!!

Take some time off the busy schedules and pamper yourselves, stop, revisit, review and then get the pace needed in the right direction.

Have a look at the checklist above, whether you are part of the rate race or you are taking care of the most loving person in your life as well? i.e. you. You only can best understand and love yourselves. If you will avoid it, none else can do that.

Have a look at the above points and take a good care of yourself, your mind and body and wear a natural smile on your face, trust me that is the best make up!!

If you make sure this basic minimum schedule, believe me, you will lead a healthy and happiest life!!

All the best!! See you at your own KPA!!

Rachana Dhaka

President to KPA

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