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Presidential Monthly Report (September)

Emergency first aid at work:

We started September by preparing and training our staff and sabbatical officers in "LEVEL 3 EMERGENCY FIRST AID AT WORK" because we have a number of events, festivals, and trips planned for the welcome week and need our staff and officers to be prepared in case of an emergency. All staff and officers who participated in the training passed the test and are now ready to lead safely in their work environment.

Governance Training:

I'm grateful to the university team for providing the training to help me develop my governess skills, especially as an international student, by learning and understanding the legal structure and operation of charities in the UK, as well as the governess and council training programs that I attended in September are:

· Council Training for Staff & Students by Advance HE

· Trustee Training for Staff and Students by Blackshaw Management Consulting Limited

· Governor Development Program: Student Governor 1 in London by Advance HE

KPA September Meetings:

· Council Meeting

· Joint Council & Senate Meeting

· By-Election Planning Meetings

· KPA Trustees with VC Meeting.

· SAB Intro Meeting.

· Online PGR induction.

Weekly Events

Our Monday 'Productive Postgrads' and Thursday ‘Postgraduate Coffee Morning’ groups is still going strong, giving postgraduates a relaxing study and social place to meet other like-minded people. We assure committee attendance, which helps to convey the importance and assistance that we provide to the postgraduate community. Student casework has also been gained from this meeting.

Welcome week events:

· International Student Drop-In Breakfast:

An opportunity for the new international students to drop into the KPA Clubhouse for some complimentary breakfast

· International Welcome Drink & Canape Reception Keele Hall:

An early evening welcome event for international students to meet each other & Sabbaticals officers from SU & KPA

· Welcome Fest – KPA & University – Horwood Green:

A big festival on the lawn of Horwood combining food stalls, garden games, music & drinks.

· Circus Tricks & Picnic:

A free picnic on the Horwood grounds were a circus company is coming to provide entertainment & teach tricks.

· KPA Karaoke Night: A karaoke night held at the KPA.

· Welcome Fair – SU: KPA to have a stand to enhance the visibility of both Association & Clubhouse.

· Nibbles & A Natter: An opportunity for the new cohort of postgraduates to meet the committee.

· Stargazing & Grazing: Visit to the observatory for talk and star observation. Meet at the Clubhouse & walk up there.

· Magician at the KPA: Walk around the magician at the KPA Clubhouse.

· Coffee Morning with Complimentary Breakfast: Due to it being the first postgraduate coffee morning during term time, we provided a small complimentary breakfast as an introduction to the postgraduate community.

· Craft & Cocktail Earring Making Evening: An earring-making workshop in the upstairs of the KPA Clubhouse.

· Trip to visit the Potteries.

· Grease & Movie-Themed Night: Live music act performing grease hits and other musical numbers from movies.

· Walk with your Committee: Meet at the Clubhouse. Walk around Keele Hall Grounds and then free complimentary hot drink at the Clubhouse after.

Link for September Welcoming Week:

Abdelrhman Rayis

KPA President


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