Bethany Edge

Hello, I am Beth. I have been at Keele since 2013 when I came to study a BA in Management, I then stayed on to complete my MA in Management and decided to continue my education by undertaking a PhD in Management where I am studying the gender imbalance within community pharmacy. Keele has been my home for many years now and much of this is due to the welcoming and supportive community that exists here. Representing students (and student interests) is important to me both as a PG student and as a teacher and therefore I nominated myself for this role (Student Trustee) to work as part of the KPA Committee to make sure that the charity acts in the best interests of all students and continue to do so into the future.


When I am not working on my PhD, you will usually find me at home or on walks with my dog or having a go at various crafts.

If you have any queries or concerns about how the KPA runs, you can contact me on