Katie Charlton


Starting her BA in American Studies in 2014, Katie has been at Keele University ever since! Just coming to the end of her MRes in History, she has worked alongside postgrads for the past three years. Dedicating her time to working at the KPA Clubhouse during her postgraduate studies, she gauged the need for representation of the PG voice across campus. As someone who struggled with isolation during her postgraduate studies, she is passionate about mental health and wellbeing, aiming to present this throughout the next year with the new committee!


The Role

The President is a full time, paid position and is the head of the organisation with several formal roles and responsibilities. It’s their job to make sure the organisation is run effectively, to manage staff and to deal with day to day issues. They also run campaigns, help organise events and sit on several key university committees.

Email: kpa.chair@keele.ac.uk