Sarah Hammond

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m nearly at the end of my MA in English Literature.

I completed my undergrad at Keele in 2013, and went on to be a secondary school teacher, before coming back to Keele in 2020 (I just can’t keep away!) I have experience in a variety of different leadership roles and working with a diverse and unique workforce.

I am passionate about improving student experience and ensuring you all get the best opportunities and support whilst studying at Keele. I will always make sure that your voices are heard, and that your welfare and wellbeing are at the forefront of everything that the KPA does. I will be a stable and visible presence, both on campus and behind the scenes.

Aside from everything I do at the KPA, I am a Guide leader and an avid crafter (when I find the time). I love playing board games, both in person and online. I live on campus with my family and our three cats, who are always available for a good snuggle!

Please contact me any time, for anything: whether it’s a chat, to offload what’s on your mind, or if you need support with anything.

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