Elisia Narbett


Elisia is currently studying for her MSc in International Business and lives by the notion of creating positive change. Having spent over 5 years studying at Keele, Elisia has seen first-hand the impact the student voice can have in improving the student experience and creating effective change. Having been a Student Voice Representative for many years and Union Liaison Officer for the Ambassadors Society, representing students has clearly played an important role in her time here at Keele. For that reason, Elisia extends this notion into her role as Vice President, working closely with university staff and students to put a focus on wellness to tackle isolation, improve consideration of PG students in the university decision-making process and foster the relationship between PG students and the KPA .


When she’s not working, Elisia is an active member of numerous music groups, namely Keele Acapella Society as well as the local Ceramic City Choir and enjoys sketching/drawing.


The Role

The Vice-President role is a paid, full-time position. The primary focus is to improve the postgraduate experience whether that's through lobbying the university for policy change, providing personal support or organising events to name a few aspects. The variability of the role is a strength as it allows the post-holder to be flexible with what they spend their time on. 

Email: kpa.vp@keele.ac.uk