Alison Tansey

KPA Coordinator

Alison is the association coordinator and has input significant contributions to both the day-to-day and strategic thinking of the KPA. She regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty in her role and has kept KPA officers in check for almost three years- she truly is a force of nature. She has an unmatched sense of humour and is keen on travelling, tea and has even appeared on who wants to be a millionaire!


The Role

The Co-ordinator is employed by the charity on a permanent, part-time basis, 3 days a week. Their role is to record, monitor and report on the finances of the Association, deal with administrative issues (e.g. organising meetings, taking minutes) and also operate the KPA bursary awards scheme. The Co-ordinator has a role in providing institutional memory, given that there are regular changes in personnel with each election cycle. They also provide support to the President in developing policies and procedures, reporting to the Charity Commission and generally ensuring the smooth running of the charity."