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Dan Grice

International Officer

My name is Daniel Grice and I have recently been appointed to the KPA as your international officer. My role is to ensure that international students of our postgraduate community feel they are equally part of this community as well as to educate the rest of the postgraduate community about international issues and to create a international hub for our international community at Keele. I want to be a part of the KPAs committee as I want to provide a voice for the international community establishing a voice rep system similar to student voice reps for each international community from Nigeria to Brazil or Canada to Japan. I want Keele to be a second home every international student. My main hobby is learning the history of different nations as well as how that affects each individual culture and a fun fact about me is I happened to be autistic and I believe that I want to try and get more disabled representation on the international stage as well as the national stage. If you have any issues or queries please email me and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


The Role 

The international officer role is a voluntary role that brings the voice of international postgraduates to the committee. More than this, the officer can influence KPA procedure & university policy, take the lead on events, campaigns and much more. This role is flexible to the priorities and skills of the post-holder.