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sophia's story...

"So my testimonial is a bit strange as I along with Roxy (past KPA Secretary) created the motion for the KPA to support She Should Run, and along with a few other amazing women co-founded Women of Keele Educate to create a space all year round that changed the environment at Keele. KPA had felt like a boys’ club for some time and working in the environment at the beginning was tough. When I first joined the committee a few years ago it was as the Equality and Diversity Officer and there were many things that weren't quite right in the experiences for postgraduates. The changes created through SheShouldRun may seem small but I think they have made a huge impact, and this is why I continue to enjoy being part of a KPA committee. The changes from SheShouldRun around elections mean that it is less scary during the hustings phase, as you get to sit down and talk to the room instead of standing, the support of people to come with you whilst you poster things mean that you don't have to walk around campus alone, the reminder from other postgraduates that you can do it before you have even started means you are entering into a supportive environment during elections rather than a competitive one. All these changes were thanks to Roxy's work and they have meant that it is easier to put yourself forward as a candidate. SheShouldRun creates formal mandates for the KPA to remain a more inclusive space for potential candidates and I'm really pleased that I can see it working, on a personal level it has meant it is a real pleasure to work with other committee members. The work has also meant that it is a more welcoming space for international students to put themselves forward in roles and hopefully their testimonials reflect that too!" 

To find out more about Sophia's role, please follow the link below! 

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