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#Brightentheblue Campaign

We know that January can be a particularly difficult month for everyone as is, let alone throwing a pandemic into the mix. That's why this January we will be running a campaign to ensure that our students are focusing on their health and wellbeing. We will be piloting a TONNE of events during January, which will aim to provide you with opportunities to take some time out of your day to focus on you. We will aim to ensure that we continue to provide you with these events throughout the year. Below is a taste of what to expect!

FREE yoga sessions every Monday morning at 10 am throughout the month of January. You will be joined by our fantastic instructor, Fliss, to provide you with a session of relaxation before you head into what could be a very busy week. No need to sign up! Just head over to zoom and input the zoom ID featured on the poster.

FREE mindfulness sessions every Wednesday between 7 - 8 pm. This gives you the opportunity to take some time out for yourself after work with our wonderful instructor, Beck. You can expect to finish sessions sessions with a basic understanding of what Mindfulness is with some breathing techniques and meditation experiences to use in everyday life. These tools can help them to bring your attention to the present moment. You will need to reserve your space for mindfulness sessions, which you can do by emailing

We will additionally be running a Swedish Fika on Tuesday 19th of January between 12.30 and 1.30 pm, where we would encourage you to bring a hot drink, lunch and join other postgrads to take some time out of your busy day. This is a social space to meet with fellow students over lunch. To join our meeting, just head over to zoom and input the ID featured on the poster.

To think about promoting positive self image, we will be running a craft workshop for our postgrads. We will be using crafts to celebrate who we are as individuals. This session will be held on Monday 25th of January between 6.30 and 7.30 pm. All those signed up will receive a free craft bag for the event. You can sign up by emailing!

As well as all of the above, we will be posting journal prompts on our social media each day to encourage you to reflect and take some time out of your day. This is important for self growth and gratitude. In February, we will be running a journaling workshop, so keep and eye out on our social media and website for further details!

If you want to get involved on social media, make sure to hashtag #Bightentheblue and tag @kpakeele on twitter, facebook and instagram! We really hope this will be beneficial to all of our students during this time. We understand your frustrations, worries and concerns in this unprecedented time and wanted to give you the opportunity to continue to reward and look after yourselves.

Much love, the KPA x

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