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Bob Beattie Postgraduate Student of the Year Award Winners 2020

The Bob Beattie Postgraduate Student of the Year Award is an annual award recognizing the overall excellence of a member of the postgraduate community at Keele University. The award recognizes a student’s excellent pursuits not just in their academic work but also in their work within the postgraduate community, encouraging its members to strive for excellence.

Here are our award winners for 2020!

Aimee Merrydew (Winner)

Many postgraduate students here at Keele will praise Aimee for being approachable and supportive, a real attribute to have here in the Keele postgraduate community. Aimee has always shown how passionate she is for teaching, innovation and inclusivity, which has always inspired others around her. Aimee has dedicated her time to co-organising events, including; 'Trans Youth and Education: National Issues and Solutions' which Aimee helped set up in partnership with Health Watch Stoke-on-Trent and KISI, with presenters from the charity Mermaids UK and supporting Women of Keele Educate (WOKE) in providing blog posts and work, dedicated to educating Keele staff. Aimee has also extended her contributions to the creative writing group 'Dawdlers', working with the university and the local community and offering greater creative means of expression. She has shown incredible initiative in creating both accessible and valuable sessions for educators in the local community and giving greater voice to marginalized members. Aimee's commitment to student life at Keele, through the activities listed above, illustrate Aimee's dedication to serving the welfare of others. Aimee Merrydew has been described as a much-loved member of the postgraduate community.

Charlotte Priddy (Highly Commended)

Over the last 3-4 years, Charlotte has shown how it is possible to be academically successful, integrated in postgraduate life and still be an instrumental member of a sports club. Her dedication to being team captain for cheerleading here at Keele, for 2 years in a row and now club captain alongside her PhD course, makes her an excellent example of a postgraduate student who still excels academically, encouraging more people to investigate postgraduate study. Charlotte is clearly an integral part of her research group both socially and academically and appears to be highly valued by those who know her. She has shown commitment not only through her 5 years on the cheer committee but through the time she dedicates to supporting others. She regularly works in collaboration with other members of her research group to advance their field while also working on getting multiple first-author research papers published. Charlotte supports her research group wherever she can, whether that be assisting in fieldwork or simply suggesting a trip to the KPA to unwind when things get stressful! As cheer captain, Charlotte has continued to break down stereotypes, improve understanding of the sport, and encourage a welcoming environment for all. Charlotte has been described as a perfect mature role model for members.

Amali Gamaarachchi (Highly Commended)

The person who submitted a statement about Amali has asked for it to not be posted. Amali has made great contributions to the postgraduate community and we really appreciate them!

Congratulations to all award winners, we are so proud of you!

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