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Bob Beattie Postgraduate Student of the Year Award Winners 2023

Our Bob Beattie Postgraduate Student of the Year is AMY BLANEY

The nominee is a compassionate and dedicated student who offers unwavering support to peers facing challenges or seeking guidance. Her responsiveness and ability to provide a broader context to issues make her a valuable resource. She not only offers help but also informs individuals about potential solutions, fostering an environment where seeking assistance is seen as proactive, not bothersome.

Her impactful interventions, like advocating for the inclusion of a RefWorks tutorial in the PGR Summer School program, demonstrate her commitment to enhancing the student experience. Beyond academics, she leads a Humanities reading group, creating a space for students to discuss not only literature but also its personal relevance, fostering a connected and intellectually stimulating community.

Moreover, she initiated the successful PGR Café Sessions, peer-led forums addressing various aspects of postgraduate research. These sessions provide vital support to newcomers, demystifying complex processes like academic reading, literature reviews, grant applications, presentations, and publishing.

Her meticulous and interactive presentation style, coupled with her willingness to provide follow-up assistance, underscores her dedication to helping others. She is also organizing a PGR Retreat, recognizing the need for students to enrich their research by stepping away from campus.

As a Humanities Committee representative, she effectively conveys student concerns and keeps them informed about committee positions. Her resilience, positivity, and solution-oriented mindset, despite her own academic challenges, make her a special asset to Keele University. She truly deserves recognition for her outstanding contributions.

Our First Highly-Commended Student is SOPHIA TAHA

This remarkable nominee serves as a powerful source of motivation for those around her. Her influence extends beyond mere words and actions; she inspires through her authentic self. In social gatherings, she actively engages everyone in discussions, providing valuable guidance on research, publication, and academic pursuits.

Her nomination carries particular significance as she embodies resilience in the face of adversity. Confronting health challenges and hailing from a conservative background, she stands as an inspirational figure for individuals navigating similar patriarchal backgrounds and health struggles. Her ability to maintain a positive outlook while motivating others through hard work and a constant smile sets a compelling example.

Her life story serves as a motivational narrative, demonstrating that challenges can be overcome. She listens empathetically to personal and academic concerns, offering unwavering support without judgment.

Her calm and welcoming presence fosters hope and positivity, especially among Master's students who benefit from her insights and cooperation despite the academic hierarchy. Her participation in KPA events and the genuine interest from fellow students when she's absent underscores her impact.

In summary, this nominee's behavior, supportiveness, extensive knowledge, commitment to spreading joy, and adept life-work balance management collectively affirm her status as a truly motivating individual. Her influence contributes significantly to strengthening the postgraduate community and cultivating a sense of belonging among peers.

Our Second Highly-Commended Student is NATASHA DURY

This nominee has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to sustainability at Keele throughout the academic year. She actively participated in various events, including Carbon Literacy training, Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiatives, and Student Eats volunteer gardening sessions, displaying a keen interest in the environment. Her positive attitude fosters student engagement, creating an inclusive atmosphere where no question is considered silly.

Additionally, she took a leading role in the Earth Stories Film Festival, serving on the senior judging panel and representing Keele on showcase days. By supporting sustainability initiatives, she contributes to making the campus more eco-friendly and biodiverse. Her consistent presence, regardless of weather or time, has greatly benefited the campus and the community. She remains humble, open-minded, and enthusiastic, embodying the spirit of an exemplary international postgraduate student who successfully balances academics with community involvement.

Our Third Highly-Commended Student is LUCY FOX

This nominee has consistently demonstrated immense passion, kindness, and advocacy among her course mates. She prioritizes their well-being, ensuring they feel heard, respected, and valued, particularly in a challenging course with heavy, emotional content. Her exceptional use of her voice encourages others to do the same while infusing a sense of humor into discussions about justice.

She creates a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for everyone in the course, reaching every corner with her warmth and generosity. Her advice and support have fostered growth, confidence, and self-advocacy in her peers, earning her the title of an influential and brilliant human being. Her presence brings joy and lightens the atmosphere on campus, connecting people and making her an invaluable role model and support pillar for her course.

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