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KPA Election Update!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

We are delighted to announce the results of the recent KPA Election, the new team of KPA officers and student trustee is as follows:

· President: Rachana Dhaka

· Vice President: Michel Ghrayeb

· Association Secretary: Aayush Batra

· Activities Officer: Shargava Karkalli Sandeep

· Student Trustee: Harshit Mishra

Which included the re-election of Rachana Dhaka, and transitioning from the role of Vice President to President. Congratulations, Rachana, on this achievement! And I would also like to extend our best wishes to the newly elected committee members for the year 2023.

We have great confidence in the abilities and commitment of these individuals, and we look forward to their valuable contributions to advancing the KPA's initiatives and fostering a vibrant postgraduate community at Keele University.

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