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Welcome to the KPA

New starter at Keele and curious about what the KPA has to offer postgraduate students? Look no further, here's a whistle stop tour of what we do at the KPA!

Run BY students, FOR students

We are a team of democratically elected sabbatical and voluntary officers. Every year, the postgraduate body will elect 2 full time officers to represent their voice at varying levels of university committees and a small team of voluntary officers who lead on work relevant to different student groups at Keele.


We hold a range of democratic meetings where our postgraduate members are able to vote on organisational policy as well as submit their own motions to shape their student union!


Here at Keele, we have a unique postgraduate community which we continue to build on every year with all new cohorts and members! We also have our own KPA Clubhouse which is a space on campus where we host weekly events you can come along and join in with. With a cozy and friendly atmosphere, the clubhouse offers bookable spaces upstairs, as well as student-friendly prices on drinks.


We represent ALL postgraduate students here at Keele on varying levels of university committees to ensure your views are taken into account on all policy making.

But ultimately, supporting you.

Whether it’s welfare, finance, academic struggles or just feeling like you need a friendly face, we are here for you. Just get in touch and we can offer support to you when needed.


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